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You realise that your words mean little or nothing to your friends, family and colleagues. This situation can be frustrating for you especially when the issue you want to address is extremely important. While this could be unfair, it may be that the problem lies solely with you. According to All Women Stalk, here are reasons why nobody listens to you when you speak.

1. Being a Mr-know-all:
You love to give advice, but you hardly take or listen to other people’s advice. In case you haven’t noticed, nobody likes a know-it-all. Learn to respect people’s opinions and quit thinking you are smarter than everyone else.

2. Being a talkative:
People would actually get tired if you talk all the time about nothing in particular. You give people the impression that you love to hear the sound of your own voice.

3. You grumble a lot:
Negative vibes turn people off and complaining is one of the best ways to spread negativity. When you constantly bug people like you’re the only one experiencing problems, people will pull away from you quickly and you’ll lose friends fast.

4. No one trusts or believes you:
People will stop listening to you talking when they believe that your word can’t be trusted. They feel you taint the truth with lies which is actually a serious issue. Your reputation is at stake which means you have a lot of work to do in redeeming yourself.

5. You never listen to anyone:
You only receive what you give. You expect to get people’s ears when you can’t listen to simple advice that come from them. Pay more attention to people you relate with, listen more than you speak and you’ll complain less of people ignoring you

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